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Introducing The Financial Independence Summit

If you have been wanting to learn more about financial independence -- diversifying your revenue streams, creating passive income, no longer being reliant on your main 9-to-5 (whether you're retiring early or not), our fourth all-day digital summit will give you all the tools and information you need to start (or strengthen) your journey to being the decider of your own financial future. From learning how to budget for financial independence, to creating different revenue streams based on your industry, schedule, and skillset, to the fundamentals of passive income, to the secrets of mastering time management so you can maximize your independence, this summit features the experts, tools, and interactive workshops necessary to take financial independence from a pipe dream to an achievable reality.


What your ticket includes:

  • Access to the full-day event, including more than 10 sessions and interactive components, all centered on financial independence
  • Full access to video recordings of The Financial Independence Summit sessions for 4 months following the event.
  • A hands-on, downloadable, and printable workbook filled with activities, lessons, and guides to continue your work from the conference and enhance your financial independence goals.
  • Access to the conference Slack, featuring dedicated networking spaces based on where you are in your journey.
  • A virtual goodie bag full of freebies, discounts, and downloadables to use before, during, and after the event.

Key takeaways:

  • Get comfortable with important financial concepts and definitions once and for all.
  • Develop the tools that will help guide you on your financial independence journey. Be it how to budget for financial independence, to creating different revenue streams based on your industry, schedule, and skillset, you will walk away from the summit prepared for anything.
  • Establish a thoughtful understanding of financial independence to ensure you are setting realistic and attainable goals.
  • Learn how to build multiple streams of income to start funding the life you want.
  • Feel confident that you can retire on your own terms because you understand the basic strategies of financial independence.


Chelsea Fagan is a writer and the founder of The Financial Diet. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and dog.


Lauren is the cofounder of The Financial Diet, and serves as its in-house graphic designer and art director. Since 2015, she’s cherished the opportunity that TFD has given her to create work that informs, educates, and delights our followers


Holly has been with the TFD team since September 2016, and currently leads TFD’s editorial strategy and branded campaigns. In her free time, you can almost always find her devouring a romance novel or a slice of cake (or both simultaneously). She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and cat.


Soraya is a pseudo-purist for print, with a background in television, digital and traditional media. A connoisseur of words, but not necessarily the fancy ones. More so an obnoxious obsession with puns and alliteration.


Paco de Leon is an author, illustrator, musician. She is the founder of The Hell Yeah Group, a financial firm dedicated to inspiring creatives to engage with their personal and business finances and Hell Yeah, Bookkeeping, a bookkeeping agency for creative businesses. Her career experiences in banking, business consulting, financial planning, and wealth management have informed her financial philosophies. She is a TED speaker and her work has been published or featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, Vice, TIME, on other publications, and on NPR. She lives in Los Angeles with her wife.


Aubrey is a business mentor and consultant for creative entrepreneurs. She helps photographers and designers lighten their workload, transition away from client work, and build multiple streams of income, including passive income, into their business. All so they can build a life of more ease and creative freedom.


At the age of 27, Rachel Richards quit her job and retired. She is now living off $20,000 per month in passive income. Rachel is the bestselling author of “Money Honey” and “Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement.”


Stephanie "Stephonee" Kibler came onto the online personal finance scene in 2007 (when it was still called a "blogosphere") and was one of its first voices for low-income millennials and young women with her blog, Poorer Than You. Through the years she has worked to help build up online communities focused on financial independence for women and other underrepresented groups, especially those with low or moderate incomes.


Lindsay Bryan-Podvin (she/her) is a biracial financial therapist, podcast host, speaker, and author of the book "The Financial Anxiety Solution." In her therapy practice, Mind Money Balance, she uses shame-free financial therapy to help people get their minds and money in balance.

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Featured Sessions

How To Be Your Own CFP

If you’re striving for financial independence and income diversification, proper planning is key. And this keynote from a respected CFP is the perfect primer in taking control of your own financial planning, both in the longer term and on the steps to getting there along the way.


Funding The Life You Want: Passive Income 101

Maybe the question isn’t “living to work” vs. “working to live” — while they may take some up-front investment, passive income streams can help you stay financially afloat without tying your income to a 9-to-5. This workshop will teach you how to look beyond traditional employment (or self-employment) to start funding the life you want.


Redefining Your Value Beyond Your 9-5

Featuring an expert panel of psychologists and wellness experts, and tying together everything we’ve covered from the day (from reexamining our workweek to creating intentional income streams), this session will discuss what it looks like to redefine your self-worth in a world that tells you your job is the most important thing about you.


How much does the summit cost?

This digital summit is $39. You will have unlimited access to the recordings for 4 months after the summit.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at events@thefinancialdiet.com.

Do you accept refunds?

Due to the exclusive nature of this event, all sales are final and we do not offer price adjustments.

How long will I have access to the recordings?

You will have unlimited access to the video recordings for 4 months after the event.

What happens after I purchase this course?

After you purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email from Eventbrite. One week before the event begins, you will receive a welcome email with information on how to access the event along with the downloadable workbook

The Monday after the event, you will receive a wrap-up email with instructions on accessing the  recordings and your goodie bag.

When will the full outline be announced?

The full outline will be announced at the end of April.