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Building Your DIY Investment Portfolio (At Any Income)

March 24 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

 |  $15


If you have heard the term “investment portfolio” used a lot, and know vaguely that it’s something you should have, but don’t know where to start? This is the workshop for you.

Investing expert and friend of TFD Amanda Holden will walk the audience through the entire process of building a DIY investment portfolio that meets your needs, achieves your goals, and can give you the confidence to sleep well through even the most turbulent market shifts. From understanding the key terms and foundational concepts, to learning about the nuances of “balancing a portfolio” in a way that works for you, to knowing how to use fintech to your advantage, this provides everything you need to get set up.

And best of all, these lessons work at any income and can be set into motion at any age — you do not need to be rich to have an investment portfolio, and the best day to get started building is today. Join us!

What Your Tickets Gets You:

  • Access to the full event (including a recording watchable at their convenience after the fact)
  • Participation in the live Q&A with Amanda
  • A downloadable workbook that takes you through the process of building out your investment portfolio, including cheat sheets, checklists, and interactive exercises
  • Access to early-bird pricing and discounts for upcoming events

Meet Your Instructor

Amanda Holden’s Bio:

Amanda Holden is an award-winning money writer, speaker, and educator. Through her business, Invested Development, Amanda has taught thousands of women to invest. Using her unique mix of comedy and relatability, she shows her students — often for the first time ever! — that building wealth is within their capacity. Amanda also writes a women + money blog called The Dumpster Dog Blog and does tons of free investing education over on her Instagram. (And also shares the occasional #TRASHION outfit!!)